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About BTC health

BTC health (BTC.asx) is an ASX-listed Pooled Development Fund which makes active investments in businesses that acquire, develop, and distribute medical products in Australia and New Zealand.

The company is building a group of high-growth businesses which together are focused on providing access to innovative medical products and specialized pharmaceuticals from around the world.

BTC Health Group Structure

Responsible for the commercialisation of the group’s speciality products, BTC Speciality Health is tasked with effectively introducing products to a wide range of customers in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. The company is registered with the TGA and oversees all product logistics, compliance, pricing, sales, marketing and customer interactions.

BTC Pharma is tasked with in-licensing and acquiring specialist pharmaceuticals and medical devices from around the world, BTC Pharma’s unique approach seeks to build effective long-term partnerships with international companies that do not have a direct presence in Australia and New Zealand.

BTC Cardio is a wholly owned company of BTC Health. It specialises in the marketing and distribution of highly specialised cardiovascular medical equipment and single-use consumable products, used by cardiac surgeons and critical care perfusionists.

BTC Speciality health is responsible for the commercialisation and distribution of medical devices and medical consumables in the therapeutic categories of acute pain management and neuro-spinal surgery. The company is registered with the TGA and manages all supply chain logistics, quality compliance, pricing, sales, marketing, and customer interactions.

BTC Pharma undertakes the registration, development, sales and marketing of specialized pharmaceutical medicines, which serve niche markets and rare diseases.

BTC Cardio is dedicated to the marketing and distribution of highly specialized cardiovascular medical equipment and single-use consumable products, used by cardiac surgeons and critical care experts.

Our People

Board of Directors

Dr. Richard Treagus

Executive Chairman

Dr. Treagus is a physician and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in all aspects of the international pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Richard served as Chief Executive of ASX-listed company Acrux (ASX Code: ACR) until 2012 and was formerly the Executive Chairman of Neuren Pharmaceuticals Limited (ASX Code: NEU).

Richard is also part of our Leadership Team.

Leadership Team

Oskar Hakansson

Director Commercial Operations

Oskar has over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry having worked for both large and small companies and with management experience in sales, marketing, acquisitions, pipeline development and product sourcing.


We are agile and act with integrity

We are committed to quality and continuous improvement

We foster collaboration and value long-term relationships

We hold ourselves accountable to all stakeholders

We deliver outcomes that make a difference

*Under the Pooled Development Funds Act 1992, shareholders are entitled to concessionary tax treatment in Australia for income and capital gains derived in connection with their shareholding. Gains realised on the disposal of shares will not be included in an investor’s assessable income in Australia. An investor will not be entitled to any deduction or capital loss on the sale of shares. Unfranked dividends received by an Australian resident will be exempt from tax. Franked dividends will also be exempt from tax unless the shareholder elects to be taxed. An Australian corporate tax entity may credit its franking account (with franking credits attaching to a franked dividend), regardless of whether it has elected to treat the dividend as exempt or assessable income. Dividends paid to non-residents will not be subject to withholding tax. A shareholder or prospective shareholder should obtain their own tax advice rather than relying on this summary.

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