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Partner with BTC health

Your trusted partner in the distribution of specialized medical products


Partnering philosophy

Customized Strategy

We understand that each product is unique and our approach is designed to optimize commercial outcomes

Client-Centric Team

Our team works in your best interests and ensures that your business goals are being met

Commitment to Excellence

We commit ourselves to the highest standards of conduct and implementation

Sales-Driven Partnership

We believe that sales results underpin any productive partnership

Collaborative Resolution

When unforeseen matters arise, we work with our Partners and find the best way forward

Uncompromising Integrity

We will not compromise on quality, integrity, or ethical business practices

Building Trust

Trust is how we win business, how we conduct our business and why we are successful

Agile Problem Solvers

Our team is agile and seeks creative and practical solutions to problems

Long-Term Focus

We take a long-term view of all our business relationships